To walk a directory tree, use the class DirectoryTreeTraverser. Simply derive from it, and override the HandleItem method to do whatever you want. See example below:

public abstract class DirectoryTreeTraverser
    abstract public void HandleItem(string file, bool isDir);

    public void Do(string root)
        var directories = new Stack<string>(32);


        while (directories.Count > 0)
            var currentDir = directories.Pop();
            HandleItem(currentDir, true);

            foreach (string file in Directory.GetFiles(currentDir))
                HandleItem(file, false);

            foreach (string directory in Directory.GetDirectories(currentDir))


    public class FileLocator : DirectoryTreeTraverser
        private string _substring;

        public FileLocator(string substring)
            _substring = substring;

        public override void HandleItem(string file, bool isDir)
            if ( file.Contains( _substring ) )
                Console.WriteLine("{0}, {1}", file, isDir);

Calling it:Edit

            var fileLocator = new FileLocator("txt");
            fileLocator.Do(@"C:\My Stuff");

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