var sConnectionString_SQLServer = @"Data Source=.;Initial Catalog=aaKen1;Integrated Security=True";
            var sConnectionString_MSAccess = @"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source="Authors.mdb";

            var objConn_SQLServer = new SqlConnection(sConnectionString_SQLServer);
            var objConn_MSAccess = new OleDbConnection(sConnectionString_MSAccess);

            string sSQL_SQLServer = "SELECT tag_name FROM gobject";
            var objCmd_SQLServer = new SqlCommand(sSQL_SQLServer, objConn_SQLServer);

            string sSQL_MSAccess = "SELECT Author FROM Authors";
            var objCmd_MSAccess = new OleDbCommand(sSQL_MSAccess, objConn_MSAccess);

            // For update, insert, delete use this:

            var s = new StringBuilder();
            var reader_SQL = objCmd_SQLServer.ExecuteReader();
            if (reader_SQL.HasRows)
                while (reader_SQL.Read())

            var reader_MSAccess = objCmd_MSAccess.ExecuteReader();
            if (reader_MSAccess.HasRows)
                while (reader_MSAccess.Read())
            textBox1.Text = s.ToString();

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